A 1000 pages test case.

This test case has been setup to show how the Get Simple CMS will perform with a 1000 pages website on a shared hosting.

Of course, website performances will vary on different hosting services, browsers, computers, etc. so this test case is a Reference only.

Just navigate the 1000 pages with the pagination below and see the amazing speed for your self.

Get-Simple cms
a 1000 pages test case
Choose a Page
and see for your self

Applications used for this test case website, see the links below:

1) PHP mt_rand function to chose a random image from the 1000 images.

2) Fzaninotto's faker library to generate random text in a nicer way.

3) Mvlcek's i18N plugin to have collapsible and hierarchical pages in the back end.

4) Autohotkey to automate photoshop generating the 1000 images.