Questions and Answers

Q) So why this website ?

A) Much has been said about the Get-Simple cms performance and speed but would it not be great to see it for your self with a 1000 pages test case ?

Q) Why does it matter ?

A) Having a website with fast page load speeds is very important because visitors don't stay long on a slow website and Google ranks a fast website higher.

Q) How did you create the local 1000 images for this test case website ?

A) Photoshop was used to create a primary image and with autohotkey, photoshop was automated to generate the 1000 images. See the image nr. at the bottom of each image. The 1000 images are stored in the GS uploads folder.

Q) How is a random image chosen from these 1000 images ?

A) PHP mt_rand is used to chose a random image. In this test case mt_rand(0, 999); Each page loads a random chosen image plus two generated thumbs. See also the image nr. at the bottom of each image.

Q) How is random text generated on the top of each test page ?

A) For this test case, each page needs to have also some text load. Fzaninotto's faker library is used to generate random text. Lorum ipsum is most of the time static text and looks kind of strange. Fzaninotto's faker library has a lot of options and generates random text that looks nicer than lorum ipsum. (kudos to Bigin for mentioning it)

Q) Did you use any plugins for this test case website ?

A) Mvlec's i18n plugin is used, not for any multilanguage, but because it enables both hierarchical and collapsible pages in the GS backend.

Q) I never heared about the Get-Simpe CMS, why should I not use WordPress instead ?

A)  When you install wordpress, the basic function available to you is adding new blog posts. Originally, wordpress was never made for creating websites and so it needs a lot of plugins to make even basic things work. To make a website with a custom business identity out of wordpress, what is done most of the time is hacking one of the widely used Envato or Templatemonster wordpress themes. The no-coder or instant WordPress audience will simply not change the theme at all and offer it as it is. It is no secret that WordPress suffers from slow page load speeds because of it's plugins, unused theme functions, spaghetti code, crowded database, and frustrating codebase. The Get-Simple cms is dedicated for websites with a backend fast and easy for both a coder and end user. On top of that, Get-Simple is more php friendly with a straightforward and clean api compared to wordpress.

Q) The Get-Simple CMS works with a xml database, why not with a MySQL database ?

A) The main reason why the Get-Simple CMS delivers such fast page load speeds is because it uses a xml database and not a mysql database. Under a certain amount of pages, xml performs much faster than mysql. But of course, above a certain amount of pages, xml will start to slow down because of read latency. XML is more a data transfer technology and not a data storage technology. MySQL performs much better for a large application or large dataset.

With this 1000 pages test case website, you can see for your self that the Get-Simple CMS delivers fast page load speeds, even on cheap shared hosting !



Applications used for this test case website, see the links below:

1) PHP mt_rand function to chose a random image from the 1000 images.

2) Fzaninotto's faker library to generate random text in a nicer way.

3) Mvlcek's i18N plugin to have collapsible and hierarchical pages in the back end.

4) Autohotkey to automate photoshop generating the 1000 images.